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Qualification Overview

The aim of this training course is to develop competences in the field of cyber security in  Plymouth. The course focus on the learning of principals surrounding cyber security. Learners will gain a unique insight into the planning and implementation of cyber security systems, learn about the types of cybercrime, how cyber-attacks work in practice, encryption and decryption, the purpose of cyber-attacks on businesses and what to do in the event of a cyber-attack. The Course will enable practitioners to advance their skills in cyber security and explore strategies for backup and recovery and gain an up to date knowledge on the different types of cyber-attacks.

Course Content

The course is broken down into units.

These units are:

  • Unit 1 Identification and understanding of cyber security 
  • Unit 2 Cybercrime, cyber-attacks (what, why, where and how)
  • Unit 3 Encryption and Decryption
  • Unit 4 Strategies for security
  • Unit 5 Backup and Recovery
  • Unit 6 Plan for change (open discussion)

Participants must attend in full at our training centre in Plymouth in order to receive a certificate.

Useful Information

Course participation and attendance, professional discussions throughout the course.

Suitable candidates will either be working in the IT sector or have knowledge of servers and system security.

This certificated course is recognized by both Microsoft and Cyber Essentials. Certification provided by Ignite Training and Academy.


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