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Qualification Overview

The suite of ITQ qualifications aims to equip individuals with the IT user skills needed for full participation in employment and society. Our ITQ qualifications recognises employers’ needs for ICT qualifications that reflect real-world skills, and the challenges of work-place learning. They enable recognition of the skills that employers want across the range of levels, have been successfully piloted in a wide range of companies and organisations, and are now a part of mainstream provision.

Course Details

Course Length: 10 - 12 weeks (2 days per week, 09.00-17.00)

Type: Blended learning – classroom based 2 days a week (09.00 - 17.00) — home study (recommended 10 hours a week)

Entry Requirements

Ages 19+

It is recommended that applicants should have achieved a level of education equivalent to five GCSEs at grade A*-C  or a Level 2 Diploma in a similar IT qualification. Experience within this field is preferred but not essential.

Applicants will also be required to complete a functional skills test upon enrolment.

Qualification Structure and Units

Improving Productivity Using IT

This unit is about the skills and knowledge needed by the IT User to plan and review their use of predefined or commonly used IT tools for activities that are at times non-routine or unfamiliar. As a result of reviewing their work, they will be able to identify and use automated methods or alternative ways of working to improve productivity. You will be able to plan, select and use appropriate IT systems and software for different purposes. Evaluate the selection and use of IT tools to make sure that activities are successful and devise solutions to improve the use of IT tools and systems for self and others.

Bespoke Software

This is the ability to select and use a suitable bespoke software application to carry out an appropriate data processing task. It includes understanding the capabilities of the software and the types of tasks for which it is suitable, as well as the skills and techniques needed to use the software application appropriately and effectively. This unit is about the skills and knowledge needed by an IT user to select and use a range of advanced bespoke software tools and techniques for complex or non-routine information. You will learn how to input and combine information using bespoke software. You will be able to create and modify appropriate structures to organise and retrieve information efficiently and learn how to exploit the functions of the software effectively to process and present information.

Database Software

This is the ability to use a software application designed to organise and store structured information and generate reports. This unit is about the skills and knowledge required by an IT user to select and use advanced database software tools. You will also be able to design, create and interrogate multiple-table relational databases. You will learn how to plan, create and modify relational database tables to meet requirements. Enter, edit and organise structured information in a database, and use database software tools to create, edit and run data queries and produce reports.

IT Security for Users

This is the ability to protect hardware, software and the data within an IT system against theft, malfunction and unauthorised access. This unit is about the skills and knowledge needed by the IT User to monitor potential risks and take steps to protect own and others’ systems, data and software (e.g. from unauthorised remote access, disaster recovery or contingency planning). You will be able to select, use and develop appropriate procedures to monitor and minimise security risk to IT systems and data

IT Communication Fundamentals

This is the ability to access, search for and retrieve information using browser software from the Internet and or intranets and exchange information using e-mail or IT-based communication systems. This unit is about the skills and knowledge needed by the IT User to select and use a varied range of appropriate IT tools and techniques to find and review information and send and receive messages using IT-based communication systems to independently respond to activities that are at times non routine or unfamiliar. You will be able to Select and use a variety of sources of information to meet needs. Access, search for, select and use Internet based information and evaluate its fitness for purpose. Select and use IT to communicate and exchange information safely, responsibly and effectively.

Optimise IT System Performance

This is the ability to keep a personal computer system up to date, fully functional and operating efficiently; and to solve problems and errors involving the interaction between hardware and software components. This unit is about the skills and knowledge to review and modify system settings to improve economy, efficiency and performance; and upgrade systems to improve capacity or functionality. You will be able to keep computer hardware and software operating efficiently. Be able to manage files to maintain and improve performance. Troubleshoot and respond to IT system problems quickly and effectively. Plan and monitor the routine and non routine maintenance of hardware and software. Review and modify hardware and software to maintain performance.

Set Up an IT System

This is the ability to safely set up the components of an IT system (e.g. personal computer – PC, keyboard, mouse and printer), removable storage media (e.g. data stick or external DVD drive), communication service to access the Internet and associated software and check that they are working properly. This unit is about the skills and knowledge to select and connect up an IT system with a range of hardware, removable storage media and a communication service safely and successfully and to help others to do so. You will be able to Select and connect up a personal computer safely with associated hardware and storage media to meet needs. Select and connect IT system to a communication service successfully to meet needs. Install and configure operating system and application software ready for use. Check that the IT system and communication service are working successfully.

Website Software

This is the ability to use a software application designed for planning, designing and building websites. This unit is about the skills and knowledge required by an IT user to use basic website software tools and techniques appropriately to produce straightforward or routine single web pages from pre-set templates. You will be able to plan and create web pages. Use website software tools to structure and format web pages. Publish web pages to the Internet or an intranet.

Useful Information

This qualification will prepare you for employment within the IT sector and give you the skills required to go onto to further qualifications within the IT sector

This qualification provides progression on to:

  • Further learning opportunities within education or employment
  • Further Continuos Professional Development course to enhance your skills and employability

Adult Education Budget

Adult Education Budget is full government funding to up-skill yourself if you are aged between 19 and 24 for courses at level 1, 2 and 3 if you have not previously completed a qualification at these levels.